The following specifications shall comprise the minimum acceptable performance standards established for spectator seating as the basis for the furnishing and installation of chair units at your facility. All manufacturers shall meet or exceed the minimums as hereto detailed and shall adhere to all items relative to material content and performance standards. The owner has the authority to reject the subject bid.


            Installer Qualifications: Engage a manufacturer approved, experienced installer who regularly installs and services stadium systems similar in kind, quality and extent to that indicated for the project.

 Seating Layout: Design and install seating to conform with all project requirements.



  • Seat and Back: High-density, blow-molded polyethylene.

  • Rail System: Channel-shaped 6063-T6 alloy structural aluminum.

  • Cross-Bracing: T-shaped 6063-T6 structural aluminum.

 Mounts: 6063-T6 structural aluminum. Designed to fit the given conditions.

            Mount Connectors: Connectors shall be 3/8" x 1" rust-resistant silver stalgard-coated, wide flange, lock bolts and lock nuts.



            Seat system shall be non-rising and mounted to concrete or steel under structures by A.S.T.M. 36 structural steel AND/OR 6063-T6 structural aluminum. Mounts shall be designed to fit the given conditions.

            Mount seats with appropriate anchors to position the seat system to provide the best spectator comfort.

            Connect mounts to aluminum rail system by 3/8" x 1" rust-resistant silver stalgard-coated, wide flange, lock bolts and lock nuts, torqued to insure no movement occurs between mount and cross brace member.

            Provide cross brace members sized to properly mate with and guide support rails for acceptance of seat modules.

            The rail system shall be channel-shaped 6063-T6 alloy structural aluminum, supported on the front and rear of the cross braces.

            Rail lengths shall be made continuous for the entire row by use of a coupling, and designed to support a minimum load of 120 pounds per linear foot, resist a horizontal swaying force of 24 pounds per linear foot applied in a direction parallel to this length of the seats, and withstand a force of 10 pounds per linear foot perpendicular to the length of the seats.

            The rail system shall be closed at row ends with a sandcasted aluminum end closure, which attaches to the rail system with two silver stalgard-coated self-tapping screws.

            The polyethylene seat and back modules shall be treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors and proper pigments to insure minimum fading and sustain a minimum life of 10,000 hours of weather-o-meter testing.

            The seat and back modules shall be compound curved to provide maximum seating comfort and configured to provide maximum number of either 22inch, 21 inch, 20-inch, 19-inch or 18-inch seat units.
The back module shall be full-sized in order to offer maximum back support area.

            The height of the back module at mid-line shall be no less than 15 inches and shall be locked into the back standards by a minimum length on each side of the 10 inches.

            The bottom edge of the back module shall extend down close to the seat module so that the occupant is protected from potential kicking from the spectators directly behind the unit.

            The seat and back module shall be attached to the rail system by a one-piece, die cast shock-resistant aluminum back bracket with or without arms, firmly screwed to the rail system by two silver stagard-coated, self-drilling, self-tapping screws.

            Aluminum-back brackets shall be finished with bonded metallic polyester baked-powder coating capable of withstanding 1,000 hours UV, 1,000 hours salt spray, and 1,000 hours of humidity with no visible deterioration.


ACCESSORIES (Available As Special Order Items.)

  • Special colors developed upon request.

  • Cup Holders

  • Logo and covers

Contour Seats, Inc. warrants to its buyers that its proprietary seats, clampdown pieces and aluminum rail installed on approved mounts shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year provided that they are installed as per Contour Seats, Inc.'s written installation instructions and that component parts supplied by only Contour Seats, Inc. are used. Contour Seats, Inc.'s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair and exchange of any such item which may prove defective under normal use (vandalism and premeditated damage excluded) during such period.

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