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What is our Donor Seat Program?
Conveniently finance a new, more enjoyable seating system for your school!
Offer your alumni an inexpensive way to show their school pride!

Everyone benefits
Each seat in your newly installed seating system comes with a name plate that can be engraved with the name of the alumnus or company who sponsored that seat. Sponsors pay to have their engraved name plate permanently attached to the seat, and in turn, help to share in the cost for the new seating system.

Cut your school's expenses
In most cases, the contribution from the sponsor covers the cost of purchasing and installing each particular seat. Through the donor plate program, a school can substantially reduce the cost of installing the new Contour Seats system; possibly have it financed entirely through donor contributions.
An effective fund-raiser ... year after year
The donor plate program can be used to replace the entire seating system for a stadium or arena, or it can be instituted in a sectional basis. New sections and rows can be added easily each year and offered to the newest alumni.

A solution for every seating need
All seat varieties in the Contour seating system line can be easily utilized with the donor plate program. All are comfortable and attractive, sturdy and easy to install.



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Donor Seat Program


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