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Custom end covers are available in many styles; team or facility logos can be printed on plain (flat) end covers or the artwork can be raised or raised and screen printed. The row identifier plat can also be incorporated with flat or raised artwork.
Seat numbers that uniquely identify each seat for ticketing purposes are located on the front edge of the seat bottom module, but options exist for displaying this number plate on the back module.
Americans with Disabilities Act for handicapped-accessible seating is easily provided by using a back-support bracket without the armrest at the end of a row.
Colored Initials: Large-scale initials or outlines can be incorporated into the seating section, if large enough. By using contrasting color seat units in proper positioning within the section, the letter outline can be seen from far away.
Continuous Curve: Our seating system is designed to bend around most of the existing curves in a stadium to create a smooth and clean appearance. Our patented coupler for long rows eliminates unnecessary gaps between seats.
Accessories: Cupholders are available in three styles. The armrest cupholder attaches to the armrest of Model CS200 or CS300 units. The back-mounted cupholder attaches behind each back module support bracket and serves the row behind. A box-seat style cupholder is attached between the seat units at the level of the seat bottom module and also provides extra space between seats.Cupholders are available in colors to closely match or accent the color of the seat modules.

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