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Our seating system can be installed on various understructures including existing plank. Blow molded from high density polyethylene plastic featuring double wall construction and added ultraviolet inhibitors, our seats resist cracking, warping, peeling and fading. A durable aluminum parallel-track framework, supported by aluminum mounts, also enhances the stability of each seat. A full-length seat back with a compound curve provides comfort and protection against kicks and bumps from behind.
The simple design of our seating system, with relatively few parts, means quick, easy installation and virtually no maintenance problems.
Our fixed seat has no movable parts that can malfunction, which results in lower installation and maintenance costs. We offer maximum utilization of space and color, in a comfortable environment that will please spectators at a price that will please the owners.

Attractive Colors
Facilities can be color-coordinated to designate specific seating areas and facilitate ticketing. Standard colors include red, blue, green and gold. However, customized colors can be furnished upon request.

Versitile Mounting Solutions
Allow attachment to horizontal or vertical surfaces with numerous options as to position and spacing. Row-to-Row spacing problems can be solved using a combination of different mounts.

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